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A Group of people with shared
Interests or tastes


We want to connect people in meaningful ways, by celebrating the things that bring us together and the things that set us apart. We want to cultivate connections between you and others and between you and yourself. Whether you’re a seasoned connoisseur or just cannabis curious, we’ve curated a sophisticated, yet uncomplicated experience. The highest calibre products, in the most accessible ways possible.

Cultivation Process

Coterie Brands Cannabis Flower Scissors
Single strain grow rooms

We grow in small, single strain grow rooms of less than 1,400 sq. ft. This allows us to optimize every aspect of our grow for each specific genetic. From lighting to nutrients to airflow and everything in between, we make the environment perfect every time.

Coterie Brands Cannabis Flower
Pheno-hunted Strains

Once we decide on a strain, we perform a rigorous pheno-hunt to ensure we get the best possible expression of that genetic. We hunt for potency, terpene profile, yield, bud structure and bag appeal throughout the lifecycle.

Coterie Brands Cannabis Flower Plant
Hang-dried and Slow Cured

We hang dry every batch and cold cure it for a minimum of 30 days to ensure the best flavour and the smoothest smoke. Did we mention the white ash? Every plant is flushed with pure H2O for at least two weeks before harvest.

Coterie Brands Cannabis Flower Factory
Hand-trimmed and Hand-packed

You'll never find a bucking or trimming machine in our facilities. Every batch is meticulously hand-trimmed and packed by hand, with love...in compostable containers only, of course.

compostable in colour

Natural, Compostable & Zero Plastic

Designed to break down in your home-compost pile; PHAS biodegrade naturally leaving behind no micro-plastic particulates or harmful chemicals. The process in which PHA breaks down is similar to cellulose or wood. When kept in an environment with limited bacterial and fungi activity, the material will last for a long time. If that material is discarded into the environment or compost bin, it will be consumed by microorganisms that feed off the material as a carbon food source.

Redefining The